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Social Media

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Social Media Marketing allows you to encourage your target market to regularly engage with your brand. With a well planned social media strategy, your business will experience:

  • Increases in customer awareness and engagement.
  • Increases website traffic,
  • Increase sales and revenue streams

Engage with your customers via social Media channels.

Etched Creative provides a full suite of Social Media monitoring, publishing, engagement, analytics and reporting for companies of any size. Use a Social Media strategy including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to create a direct line of communication between your business and its customers and give anyone instant access to the latest buzz around your products or services.

Total performance transparency! Each month you will receive a detailed Social Media report, which shows how the Social Media channels are engaging with your audience.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

  • Social MediaYou can regularly engage with your target market
  • It will improve your website’s social signals (which is now a factor in the search ranking algorithm)
  • It can increase your brand awareness
  • Word of mouth advertising through positive reviews and brand advocates
  • You can increase your customer loyalty and trust
  • You can improve your audience reach and influence
  • It will ensure you have another piece of the marketing pie covered that is where consumers go for advice prior to purchasing

Step by Step, Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Market Research
Campaign Analysis

We’ll pick apart your social media campaign, right down to the finest details. At Etched we’re all about planning, and we strongly believe that a thorough, detailed plan is essential to ascertain campaign success. Does your business have a need for a Social Media Campaign? Can we clearly define your target market and create an accurate consumer insight? Are these platforms the correct channels to deliver your brand mission? These are a few questions we ask you, and ourselves, when constructing your social media campaign. We follow a few procedures when conducting this analysis:

  • Market research to identify target audience, audience behaviour & likeliness of interaction
  • Construct campaign mock-up and strategy to reflect needs of customers and clients
  • Relevancy of platform respective to brand’s core message

Goal Measurement

How are you made aware that your campaign is actually driving success? Performance indicators and Goal Measurement are essential when understanding the effectiveness and impact that your campaign is making on your clients and customers. We analyse and evaluate the following metrics when delivering you reporting and campaign updates to help you understand how you’re delivering your core message:

  • Facebook analytics through clicks, impressions & interaction
  • Consumer behaviour relative to all social media channels through time spent on platforms and sharing behaviour
  • Brand perception via customer interaction and feedback

Content Pillars and Creation

A content pilar is a thematic pattern of posting that engages and instigates interaction amongst consumers with the brand’s core message. It is important to tackle a Social Media Campaign with a unique angle, otherwise the message becomes diluted with noise created by competition and alternative messages. You want to connect directly with the consumer – that’s the entire purpose of utilising a Social Media Campaign; so we create these ‘content pillars’ to create a truly unique, exciting and clear message to create calls to action for consumers. We work closely with you to understand your business, in which gives us the opportunity to use our creative juices to construct an effective content pillar.

Following the drafting and approval of a content pillar, we begin to create content suited for your target audience. Content creation varies in many forms, and can be from a Facebook text & picture post, to a short engaging product video for Instagram. We are very selective when creating content, and maximise your effectiveness by specifying the most relevant form of content for your consumers.

Campaign Calender

We know when to reach your consumers! We spend hours trawling through analytics to determine the most effective posting-periods to optimise exposure. This process involves a partial trial-and-error to understand the interaction behaviour of your clients or customers. We then refine, refine, and refine a little more to create a tailor-made campaign calendar to reach your customer in that crucial decision-making time. Our Social Media Campaigns generally run monthly, so you can expect to see a posting-outlay for the month, and when we estimate the peak times to post your brand’s content. We take in to account many aspects when considering post frequency in constructing our campaign calendar:

  • Peak usage sessions (dependant on industry, but can be respective of seasonal, weekly activity, or daily usage)
  • Characteristics of target market (age, searching periods, searching behaviour dependant on gender, and much, much more!)
  • Specific social media platform and its posting frequency (believe it or not, there are rules implied within each platform!)

End of month Reporting and Recommendations

The end of the month is always an exciting time for us! After all processes, from Market Research to Campaign Implementation, we review the campaign’s effectiveness and establish a few key recommendations to refine the campaign for the month-coming. You should expect lead generation & an increase in brand awareness at the end of the month! We show a detailed report, inclusive of all relevant analytics, to help you understand the gist of what we’ve done, and how it’s benefited your business!

If at the end of the month, you are happy to continue with our services, the cycle continues!


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