Universal Contact Services Branding Package

Etched developed a polished corporate branding package for Universal Contact Services – a small start up company

  • Etched Creative Portfolio Branding
Client Brief:

Universal Contract Services was a new business in need of a unique, recognisable brand image. This required the creation of a; logo, business card, letterhead, and 1 page website.

Our Solution:

Etched conceptualised the core brand images and further developed this into a polished corporate image. This was done to an efficient time scale, meeting all time and financial constraints, resulting in a very satisfied client.


The result is a brand experience that is trustworthy and able.  The inspiration of curves was taken from the universal name and represents their holistic approach to each job and undivided attitude to achieve their clients desired business outcomes. The elliptical form of the logo symbolises unity, as the business’ core service is to ‘bring people together’.

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